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Welcome to the world of love and laughter

Life may be scary but it's only temporary.

3 September 1983
Academic, pro-life feminist, Liberal Democrat, Reformative Jew, future vicar's wife, vegan, bisexual, modest dresser, hopeless idealist, hopeful cynic. Trying to bring about Moshiach one act of random kindness at a time.

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Note: Unlike many LJs, you may notice that mine is remarkably lacking in angst. This mostly because I am not a 15 year old goth who believes that no one understands me apart from Placebo. However, it is partly because I do not believe in inflicting my angst upon people in a non-concensual manner. If you would like to read my angst please tell me by commenting on one of my posts and I will add you to my angst filter.

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You may be reading this user info because you've seen something I've posted on a community and you're trying to get more of a feel about where I'm coming from. To save you the trouble of having to having to trawl through my journal, here are links to explain what I'm doing on that community.

abortiondebate and discussabortion, pearlsandtea and tea_and_crumpets